Sleep like kings.

About Us

We Are


Manufacturers of Sleeping Baby Cosmetics.

Founded in Uganda, with operations in Kenya, Rwanda and Dr Congo, we are redefining how beauty is approached. We specialise in the manufacture and supply of tested and all skin type cosmetics for babies, children & adults of all age groups.

Our job description is to Refresh & Revitilize your skin effortlessly & naturally and leave it oozing with elegance wherever you go. We take advantage of what nature has to offer.

From cocoa, lemon, avocado and other enriching natural formulaes, we deliver high quality face, hand and body creams for all.


Even if we are so tested in the industry with our establishment dating as far as 25 years+, we have never got tired of Innovation.

Over the years, we have been adding to our comestics lines with more refined, tested and skin vs environment responsive cosmetics that cater for all skin types and environments people live in.

Sleeping baby, denotes peace and a soothing feeling that can make every one fall into a "Beauty Sleep" with each tap and smear of sleeping baby on their skin.

We cater for all ages, skin types, and environments.

And interestingly now, we cater for the whole of East Africa & not stopping soon!



Real happiness is made of many things, a beautiful skin & a healthy body is part and parcel of the equation. Thats our aim for every one on Earth. 

We are using naturally derived cosmetics formulaes, in addition to the use of modern purifying & preserving technologies to produce skin care products for healthy skins and bodies.


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